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Treatment Received: Dental Implants Dental X-Ray Dental Bridges Treated By: Dr Diana After ignoring my teeth for years, it finally caught up to me when I was stuck with being able to eat almost nothing! Just some soft foods, just enough to get by. Something had to be done. That is when I started doing some research. I knew I couldn’t afford it here in Australia. I was searching for good dentist through acquaintances and internet about five months ago. It took a little time to find a profecional one in Macedonia. But the wait was really worth. I chose Mediana Dental Clinic in Skopje by reading all good reviews on this page. Sometimes you don’t believe what they say on reviews but I listened to my instincts and was convinced by these positive reviews that she is the best. Dr Diana the owner of this clinic immediately responded to my call and we organized an appointment so i was sure that i woudl be treated two days upon my arrival in Macedonia. However, from the moment I contacted Diana, I was extremely reassured. She was very professional and provided plenty of references. I needed complete implants and she assured me that it would be done in 2 weeks.. During my first appointment, I was welcomed and treated like a guest. Diana examined me, took my x rays . This was followed by a detailed consultation. I had lots of of concerns and questions, but she was extremely patient and didn’t proceed till I was completely at peace. What I really liked though, was that there were no additional costs once the plan was agreed upon. She stuck to their commitment. My implants and bridges were completed well before time. I was amazed not only at her expertise and knowledge, but also the finesse in which the whole treatment was carried out. But be prepared to be in the clinic for hours at a stretch. Since I have been back, my life has changed completely.My self convidence is back, my smile is back after so many years. The steaks are back and I even feel like looking in the mirror once again! I can not thank Diana enough for her treatment and my new teeth and smile.I feel she is the best! I highly recommend MEDIAN DENTAL CLINIC. I have been suggesting her to all my friends and family. If anyone is considering getting implants for a very resonable price and getting the best profesional treatment in Macedonia, go for it, Mediana Dental Clinic are fantastic! Thank you Diana you are the bestttttttttttttt The best that can be profecional,not expensive,pain free for those that are afraid : (THERE IS NO PAIN AT ALL DONT BE AFRAID ANY MORE AND GO FOR IT ) It is worthed there is nothing better than smiling with a brand new white smile. MEDIANA DENTAL Thank you so much i feel like i have been reborned. “Very professional clinic and excellent doctor”

Gary Cousins

from Ireland, 30 Jan 16

Yesterday I had the dental stitches out after 2 extractions and 7 implants. I don’t praise dentists often, but this one in Skopje, Mediana Dental, is the best. Dr. Diana Bojkovska is professional, gentle and always keeps you informed. I had absolutely NO pain whatsoever during and after the procedure. I would recommend her practice to anyone looking for dental work. I’ll be coming in 4 months to complete the work with Mairead and Martha. “Thank you Dr. Diana”


from Greece, 17 Sept 14

The treatment received was 1st class from all the staff at the clinic.
The equipment used was all of the highest standard and the experience from start to finish was far better than I have previously received in the UK. Communication throughout was excellent, Dr Diana explains everything throughly and puts you completely at ease. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mediana to family and friends, I find it amazing that such a high class service can cost a fraction of the (now) accepted UK dentist prices. I would have no hesitation in returning to the clinic and fully intend to do so if required in the future. Ross – UK


from UK, 27 Dec 10

“I am very happy with my dental treatment”
Were you pleased with the treatment? I am very happy with my dental treatment. All planned work was finished on time and Dr Diana and dental nurses were very friendly. Before this treatment I could not smile at all because I was feeling embarrassed about my teeth and now I am very confident and I absolutely love my new teeth. My husband and my work colleagues are amazed with my new smile. Not only that my new porcelain crowns look nice, they are comfortable too and they feel completely natural. Would you recommend the clinic? I was treated with respect and courtesy at all the time. I had several trials of my new porcelain bridges and crowns to ensure that prosthetic work fits well and the whole treatment was painless because of local anesthesia. My face did not swallow as I expected after implant operation because of course of antibiotics given by Dr Diana Bojkovska.In only one week I had 2 implants, 19 crowns,4 root canal treatments, 2 feelings and my gums were reshaped by laser treatment. The clinic was equipped with latest technology and very clean. I already have recommended this Dr Diana Bojkovska and Mediana Dental Clinic to my work colleagues and friends and I would recommend this clinic to everyone. Would you return for further treatment? It was a great experience starting from the warm welcome on the Airport and collection,stay and return. The Clinic accommodation was the first class new built apartment that was furnished and equiped with everything plus X-box, brilliant white Egyptian cotton sheets and extra bedding, lots of white towels, marble stone bathroom, modern kitchen with English tea and coffee and quirky bedroom with a circle shaped wall. The kitchen had all white goods plus microwave and liquidizer for the food. It was a dental treatment, but it felt like a holiday at the same time. I will return for the second treatment in 3 months time. It takes for implants 3 months to settle and I will have two lower jaw bridges fixed to my implants. That will be the end of my treatment and I am so happy that it take only two visits to have implants and to finish all my upper and lower jaw teeth.

Melina G.

from UK, 27 Dec 10

“Excellent and very professional”
Were you pleased with the treatment? “Overall, great result from my teeth treatment, fantastic accommodation, perfect service and care, modern and well equipped clinic, all planned work finished on time. I am very happy with my dental treatment at Mediana Dental Clinic. Doctor Diana Bojkovska managed to do the complete treatment in only one week. I would recommend Dr Diana and Mediana Dental Clinic to everyone.” Peter, Ireland


from Ireland, 27 Dec 10

“My smile does look very nice and that is thanks to you Dr. Diana and your staff”
Were you pleased with the treatment? My wife and my youngest son are delighted with my smile, my other son and daughter are reserving judgment until they come to Italy. I am glad i have started on my teeth at last and it is nice to smile with confidence again. You have been really kind again I’m really glad that I ended up in your studio.

Stephen M.

from Italy, 27 Dec 10

“Great experience, fantastic professionalism”
Were you pleased with the treatment? It’s been 2 years that I have been using services of this clinic. Great experience, fantastic professionalism, friendly and warm environment. Highly satisfactory experience. Invariably polite and responsive personnel. Would readily recommend the clinic to most discerning clients.Both my family and I stay in touch with this fine clinic for small and big dental problems. This year I am going to get further treatment, this time round with implants.

Leonid M.

from Russia, 27 Dec 10

“Very friendly and professional”
Were you pleased with the treatment? Dr Diana and her staff were very friendly and professional. I was accommodated in a friendly hotel and as a dentist there was no barrier. This is not a 9-5 job for Dr Diana. She is dedicated. Appointment times are not an issue. They even work overtime to get a result. I asked questions at every stage of the treatment and she explained to my satisfaction and the result so far is good. I have 6 implants and impressive temporaries.I would highly recommend this clinic, if you have talked to many dentists about implants, her knowledge stood out to me.I will be returning for my abutments and crowns to be fitted in the next 2 months. I am confident that she will get a good result.”

Steve S.

from Switzerland, 27 Dec 10

“Grazie Diana”
Grazie Diana! L’anno scorso a seguito di un problema, mi sono rivolta allo Studio Mediana Dental di Skopje (Macedonia) diretto dalla D.ssa Diana Bojkovska. Nel mese di maggio 2009 ho subito un intervento di quasi totale estrazioni e relativi impianti operati direttamente dalla d.ssa Diana. devo dire e riconoscere che è stato fatto un ottimo lavoro, visto che da subito mi sono trovata bene e per il lavoro svolto e l’accoglienza e la gentilezza ricevuti. Durante l’intervento e successivamente la permanenza in loco, sono sempre stata seguita e assistita dalla D.ssa e dal suo staff. Ho un sorriso perfetto e a distanza di un anno, nessun fastidio e per quanto riguarda l’alimentazione, non ho mai avuto alcun problema. Grazie …Diana!!!

Enza A.

from Italy, 27 Dec 10

“It was a very positive experience”
Dr Diana is the best dentist I have had in my life. She did an excellent job. I am so pleased with the result and the price paid. To have the same work done in Australia I would have to pay 4 times more. I would certainly recommend the clinic, the staff was very kind and we could communicate without any problems.

Donato A.

from Australia, 27 Dec 10