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5 Tips for Your Dental Implant Post Treatment Care

Getting a dental implant to replace one or more missing teeth is a smart and effective solution. But now that you’ve gotten the implant put in, how do you make sure it stays in good shape? With proper care and maintenance, your dental implant can last you the rest of your life. Here are some tips to help you keep that dental implant for good:
1. Leave it alone
If you’ve ever had dental surgery before, you realize how sensitive your mouth can be afterward. In the immediate aftermath of the implant procedure, you should avoid interacting with the area as much as possible. The affected area might feel tender or strange, but whatever you do, resist the urge to touch the area or tamper with it. Disturbing it could slow down the healing process.
2. Be careful about what you eat or drink
Avoid swilling liquid around in your mouth in the first day or two immediately after the surgery. You also shouldn’t consume hot foods or liquids. It will be more comfortable to eat soft foods for the first day or two post-surgery. When eating, try to avoid the implant area as much as possible, and make sure the area is clean after a meal.
3. Swelling is normal and expected; so is light bleeding
Again, if you’ve had any oral surgery before, you know that swelling generally happens. Although part of your face might look a little plumper for a day or two, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Ice packs on the outside of your face near the affected area will help reduce swelling. It should go down significantly within a few days on its own.
And although it doesn’t happen every time, it is also perfectly normal for the implant area to bleed slightly. If this happens, place gauze in your mouth for a short amount of time to absorb the blood, but do not disturb the wound. If the bleeding or swelling get worse, or aren’t significantly better after a few days, consult your dentist. It could be indicative that something has gone wrong.
4. Keep it clean
In the days immediately following the surgery, you should keep your mouth as clean as possible. Your dentist is likely to give you mouthwash: you should rinse your mouth with it the day of your surgery, and continue to do so for at least a week afterward. You can (and should) brush your teeth normally as you heal, just take care to be gentle when brushing near the affected area.
Once you’re healed, brush and floss as normal
One of the great benefits of a dental implant is how similar it is to normal teeth – not only does it look just like your natural teeth, you can also brush and floss your dental implants the same way. In fact, you need to do so if you want your dental implant to last. If you practice proper oral hygiene habits, your dental implant should endure as long as the rest of your teeth. You can also read more about preventing certain issues by downloading our free eBook below, “Prevent the Toothache Before the Money Ache.”